Warriors are the Tier 2 class of choice for fighters who wish to follow a more Offensive path. Warriors are the only Tier 2 class able to learn Rage Burst, increasing their Critical point. Warriors tend to prefer fighting with a Two-handed weapon. This is often the path of choice for players who solo hunting and fast get experience point.


  • Able to deal a lot of damage to enemy
  • Two-handed weapon for increased attack
  • Area of effect damage skill
  • Critical Passive skill


  • Cannot take a lot of damage from enemy
  • Weak Defend Power

Next JobEdit

At level 40, a Warrior may choose to Infantryman, Swordsman, or Mercenary (Human only).


the following is a list of the upgrade to the level cap of the following skills as well as the new skills obtained from this class:

Active Skill listEdit

Crash Blow Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Crash Blow Two-Handed (ex: Dagger) Active No 10
Uppercut Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Uppercut Two-Handed Active No 10
File:Body check.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Body Check Active No 5
File:Wheel Wind.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Wheel Wind Two-Handed Active Yes 5
File:Fighter's Heart.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Fighter's Heart Active No 2
File:Vital Power UP.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Vital Power UP Active Yes 4

Passive SkillsEdit

File:Two-Handed Training.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Two-Handed Training Two-Handed Passive No 10
File:Rage Burst.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Rage Burst Passive No 2
Description: .

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